The typical application for editing an XML document by most people is either with the default Notepad or Wordpad applications that comes with Windows. While these editors are sufficient for getting the job done, they are not the best way for working with large files or deeply nested XML trees.
Microsoft’s XML Notepad 2007 addresses many of the concerns that developers have for working with XML documents.
A very useful feature is its tree view. You don’t have to spend time searching through deeply nested XML tree to find a node. Everything is listed in an easy to use tree with collapsible branches. For those who insist on viewing the XML code, there is a source view option with colour coded text for enhanced viewing.
XML Notepad 2007 supports the standard editor features, such as search and replace, and also includes Intellisense. Experimenting with XML documents can be done without fear with the infinite levels of undo and redo that are available. Nodes in the XML tree can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the document.
With all of these features, the most useful one is the XML schema validation. This will verify that your XML code is correct. You don’t want your applications rejecting invalid statements in an XML document.
You can download XML Notepad 2007 from Microsoft by clicking here.

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