Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, most of the water we drink is treated heavily with chemicals and transported long distances in decaying pipes. Water filters are common in household to eliminate the dangerous elements that flow through our taps. Another problem with water filters is that they remove minerals which we need for optimal health.

When the world was a smaller place, people traveled short distances to get their water. This water was typically from a well and the quality was high and rich in minerals. I recently discovered find a spring.com where I found a well, Levity Artesian Spring, just 23 minutes from my home.
You can find the spring at Burns Bog near a truck stop. GPS coordinates are approximately N 49.112125, W 122.906776; these were taken from the truck stop since its unlikely that a GPS would work properly in the forest. You can find also get information on the site locate at the findaspring.com page.
Using Google Maps to find the spring.

NOTE: The city of Delta has recently closed the spring due to the large number of people that were illegally crossing the train tracks from the truck stop. From what people have reported, the spring has been blocked. Join the Save the North Delta Watershed Park Artesian Spring FaceBook page to re-0pen it. If you decide to contact the Delta municipality regarding the spring, BE POLITE when speaking to them. Rudeness rarely attains a positive outcome.

The following are a couple of photos of what you’ll see around the spring:
Scenic view along the way to clean water.
An old building by the well.
The Levity Artesian Spring! Its a 12 inch high pipe with water spraying out near the top. I always thought a well should be a large hole in the ground with a bucket that you lower, but we get a pipe instead. 🙂 There isn’t much room for collecting water so you should be using a small water jug.
The Levity Artesian Spring.
I collected a small amount of water just to try it out. Once home, my family tried the water and it tasted great. The water did taste different from tap water and from water from my Brita filter.
Well water is among the healthiest water that you can drink. Do we really need this kind of water? In Richmond, BC, our water comes from lakes in the mountains and the water is the cleanest in the world, but the journey from the lake to my cup does add contaminants. This isn’t a problem when your cooking with it and if you filter it, minerals may be removed from it as well. Well water doesn’t have these problems, other than the trip to get it and the effort to collect it.
I recommend that you go to findaspring.com so you can find a well. You may be surprised by the quality of the water.

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