If your a web developer and don’t know JavaScript, you need to immediately learn it if you want to continue working in your field. If you don’t know jQuery, its a great idea to learn because it simplifies the use of JavaScript and can enhance your web sites to justify your six figure income.

There are many good books on JavaScript and jQuery, but if your pressed for time and don’t feel like doing a lot of reading, you can watch a series of videos that will get you up to speed. These learning videos were recently released by .appendTo and will have you coding like a pro in no time. The videos range in length from 23 to 43 minutes and teach the basics and advanced concepts in JavaScript, to DOM manipulation and effects/animations in jQuery.

The videos loaded a little slow when I tried them, but this was because I was viewing them during the heaviest Internet traffic hours. Its a good idea to master JavaScript and jQuery since these will be important development tools for building Windows 8 applications. This knowledge will also make your web sites stand out from the competition. Learning new things broadens your mind and these videos will only take an evening to go through them.

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