I found another problem with Fireboard. After I installed it, I went to the Forum Administration option in the Fireboard Control Panel and got the following error:

DB function failed with error number 1054
Unknown column ‘g.group_id’ in ‘on clause’ SQL=SELECT a.*, a.name AS category, u.name AS editor, g.name AS groupname, h.name AS admingroup FROM jos_fb_categories AS a LEFT JOIN jos_users AS u ON u.id = a.checked_out LEFT JOIN jos_core_acl_aro_groups AS g ON g.group_id = a.pub_access LEFT JOIN jos_core_acl_aro_groups AS h ON h.group_id = a.admin_access GROUP BY a.id ORDER BY a.ordering, a.name

I found the solution from terrox in the Fireboard forums. You can fix the problem by downloading admin.fireboard.zip and extracting it to the /administrator/components/com_fireboard folder in your Joomla installation. There is a folder called /components/com_fireboard that can easily be confused with the correct folder. Keep in mind that you are replacing the admin.fireboard.php file. If you are not prompted with a message asking to replace a file, your probably copying to the wrong folder.
The Forum Administration option should then work correctly and you can begin creating forums for your web site.

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