Have you ever wondered where the location of your IP was? You would probably be thinking of things like this if you were one of those people who enjoy reading hacker magazines.
An easy way to find the real, bricks-and-mortar address where your IP was being hosted is with IP-adress.com. When you first open the web site, it will give the location of the IP of your Internet provider, which is an interesting bit of information. If you don’t know the IP of your web site, you can find out by installing the ShowIP plugin with Firefox and then opening your site with the browser.
IP-address.com also give other details about the IP’s location, such as the country, state, city, latitude, longitude, and organization. There is even a little map from Google showing where the company is located.
I found that the IP of my web sites were being hosting in Ohio. The office of my web hosting company is in Pennsylvania so I would imaging my servers are located there.
I’m not sure what practical use this web site can have but its to fun to play with.

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