Here is a list of the most common Event IDs in the History tab for Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Event ID Description
100 Task Started
101 Task Start Failed
102 Task completed
103 Action start failed
106 Task registered
107 Task triggered on scheduler
108 Task triggered on event
110 Task triggered by user
111 Task terminated
118 Task triggered by computer startup
119 Task triggered on logon
129 Created Task Process
135 Launch condition not met, machine not idle
140 Task registration updated
141 Task registration deleted
142 Task disabled
200 Action started
201 Action completed
203 Action failed to start
301 Task engine properly shut down
310 Task Engine started
311 Task Engine failed to start
314 Task Engine idle
317 Task Engine started
318 Task engine properly shut down
319 Task Engine received message to start task
322 Launch request ignored, instance already running
329 Task stopping due to timeout reached
332 Launch condition not met, user not logged-on
400 Service started
411 Service signaled time change
700 Compatibility module started
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