There are increasing number of visitors arriving in Vancouver for the Olympics. I’m hearing more and more different language and the police have a very strong presence around the Olympic sites and major transportation sites. The feeling of excitement over the Olympics are growing among the people here, in spite of the lack of snow which is causing problems on the sites near Vancouver.
The Olympic Village in Vancouver
These are some of the buildings where the many athletes will be staying. After the games are over, they will be offered to prospective buyers.
A building in the Olympic Village Another building in the Olympic Village
A cross street near the Olympic Village
The Richmond O Zone
The Richmond O Zone was an overnight stop for the Olympic Torch on February 9. 25,000 people came here for the celebration and it was very difficult moving around. It took my daughter and myself about one hour to get close to the stage. The interesting thing is that many people were giving up trying to get closer and while walking out of the venue, they were trying to convince others to leave with them. Being the persistent person that I am, I decided to keep moving forward and as the photos show, it was worth the effort.
Entrance to the Richmond O Zone
Only 25,000 People to Pass to Get to the Stage
Very Close to the Stage
The Olympic Torch at the Richmond O Zone
Finishing the Celebration with Fireworks

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